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A washer is a complex home appliance requiring proper handling and maintenance service. Stackable appliances, including washers and dryers, are subject to general maintenance to be performed every two years. This way, you can extend the lifespan of your washing machine and reduce repair service costs.

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Typical Signs of Washer Malfunction

When is a repair service needed? Try putting a bit more attention, and you will figure it out. Contemporary washing machines are smart machines informing you about their probable incorrect functioning in advance. But breakdowns still may happen unexpectedly. To prevent undesirable subsequences, contact a professional washing machine repair service if:

  • Door or lid of your appliance doesn’t lock.
  • Machine doesn’t agitate.
  • Machine doesn’t drain.
  • Machine suddenly stops while cycling.
  • Appliance produces loud sounds.
  • Machine vibrates and rocks forth and back.
  • Washer’s door doesn’t open.
  • User interface buttons don’t respond.
  • Electronic control board of your appliance does not work.
  • You’ve noticed bulges or cracks on the hoses.
  • Washing Machine General Maintenance

    Home appliance general maintenance is often ignored. But it helps mitigate your washer damage risks. It is not difficult and helps save money on the repair. We recommend carrying out a preventive maintenance service every two years to avoid repair. Washer general maintenance service includes:

  • Bearing inspection. If worn they must be replaced immediately, do not use your washer.
  • Thorough multi-point diagnostics.
  • Sanitizing and cleaning inside your machine.
  • Insuring your washer is level and installed correctly.
  • Appliance’s inlet hoses inspection service.
  • Risk-preventing machine inspection. We check your washer’s seals, gaskets, hoses, drain & fill components, control boards, wiring, drive motor.
  • Stainless steel fill hoses of your appliance are recommended to change every 5 years to eliminate leak and burst risk.
  • Preventive maintenance service is always much cheaper than repair.

    Doesn’t drain water
    Doesn't spinning
    Cloth is wet after cycle
    No water come in
    Has no power
    door boot needs to be replaced
    Shows error code

    Washer Repair Service At Home

    The most convenient option is to get your appliance repaired at home. It is a fast, reliable, warranty-provided service.

    With our repair service, you benefit from free diagnostics. Besides, you get consultations on why the appliance problem has arisen and how to prevent it in the future. All our technicians are licensed and skilled home appliance repair specialists. They always have a reserve of appliance parts to solve almost any problem that happened to your washer and provide excellent repair service in Bay Area.

    Master Appliance strictly follows Covid-19 protocol. While at your home and repairing your washer, the specialists wear face masks, gloves, and shoe covers. Call for a same-day appointment and repair.

    Washing machine Types We Repair At Home

    All types listed below can be semi or full-automatic washers and all can be repaired. Order appliance repair San Jose CA right now!

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      Stackable Washer Appliance Repair

      It is either a part of your home laundry center or a separate stackable washer. Since two components (a washer and a dryer) are stacked to each other, a broken washing machine may affect the dryer. If broken, appliance repair service is a must.

      Top or Front Load Machine Repair Service

      A different disposition of a drum determines if your washer is a top or a front-load appliance. Typically, frond-load machines are usually used in stacked dryer-washer kits, though in the market you can find top-load washer stacked units.

      Washer Dryer Combo Home Appliance

      It is a space-saving and very convenient combo version of one appliance. A two-purpose machine requires more attention. You can’t wait too long if a malfunctions is noticed. Call for professional repair immediately.

      Washing Machine Repair Service Discounts

      Master Appliance is a client-oriented company. We have developed a discount program to render both quality and budget-friendly home washer repair services. Contact us to learn about case-by-case offs and read below our constant offers:

      • Detailed diagnostic appliance service at half-price at home. Along with your washer diagnostic, we recommend checking one more appliance of your choice for free. This way, you have two home appliances diagnosed at one price or each of them at half-price. Moreover, the diagnostic can help avoid a costly repair.
      • Special washer repair service discounts for Senior and Military groups. Contact for detailed info.
      • No extra charges for nights, weekends, and unsocial hours home washer repair service.
      • Free diagnostic with washer repair services.
      • The refrigerator anti-bacteria cleaning program. Along with your machine repair, demand $70 off for your refrigerator ozone cleaning service. The standard price is $249. Under our program, you can get this appliance service at $179 when having your appliance repaired at home.

      Washer Maintenance Recommendations For Users

      There are simple rules to keep your washer in operating condition longer and not spend too much money on repair service.

      • Visually inspect the hoses of your machine once a month.
      • Do not overload your home washing machine.
      • Check the position of your appliance: it shall be level to prevent excessive vibration.
      • Clean the filters.
      • Follow the user’s manual and a manufacturer’s recommendation.
      Observing these simple procedures, you will not need appliance repair services for long.
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      $25 off applies to labor only. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
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