Oven Repair San Jose CA (Microwave)

It is all about time. A microwave oven is a popular appliance because it saves precious minutes. This easy-to-use time-saver oven can easily get broken when not maintained properly. Master Appliance techs are always on duty and ready to oven repair and rescue your microwave.

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Microwave Repair At Home

On-site repair is the most convenient microwave service. We offer same-day repair at home and have parts on hand. You receive free diagnostic if repair your microwave with us. We know about time value, so we use highly effective tools allowing fast and accurate oven repair to save your time and be in line with your microwave’s abilities. Master Appliance appreciates your efforts in keeping your home clean, so all our techs use masks and shoe covers. Cleanliness is a ground principle of both your good health and good operability of your microwave. We share a life hack to make it easier for both you and your oven. Cover your plate with food with a lid before microwaving it. This way your microwave and its internal equipment remain clean.

Microwave Oven Maintenance At Home

Microwave radiation is the operation principle of the microwave oven. The structural safety of your microwave depends on how firm the door can adhere to the sides of the oven. Do not slam or damage sealing gaskets. Clean, use microwave-safe dinnerware, and follow the user’s manual. Most breakdowns happen when people ignore the main operating rules.Immediately call Master Appliance for diagnostic and repair at home if your microwave oven:

  • not heating;
  • not turning on;
  • sounds loud or noisy;
  • produces inside sparking;
  • stops in several seconds after turning on;
  • the turntable inside the oven not working.

Modern microwaves are so smart and technically complex devices that we do not courage you to try and repair them by yourself. Our service area is rather wide, we offer our clients a same-day appointment at convenient for them time, so it is easy to get your microwave repaired. The earlier you call us the faster your microwave problem is solved.

Not heating
Incorrect temperature
Not power on
Gas or smoke smell
Dosen’t heat ehough or over heating
The door doesn’t close
Microwave in oven doesn’t work
Heating slow

Microwave Oven Types We Repair

There are plenty of microwave types manufactured by various brands. We can repair at home any of them. No matter what specific type of microwaves you use. In case of microwave malfunctioning, contact Master Appliance to repair your oven. With our vast experience in microwave repairing, you will get the best service and quality repair.

Countertop Microwave Oven Repair

It is a standalone oven designed to be placed over countertops or any place in your home close to an outlet to plug it in. This version of microwaves is budget-friendly, portable, can be easily moved around as well as repaired. However, these small-sized microwaves demonstrate a wide range of features and options from baking to inverter technology.

Over-the-Range Microwave Oven Repair

This microwave is usually placed above your range. With filters and vent fans, this oven functions as a range hood to remove smoke and steam while you are cooking. A set of cooktop lights assist you in the cooking process adding much to illumination. Order appliance problem repair in Bay Area!

Grill and Convection Microwave Oven Repair

These two are similar. Both grill and convection microwave can be used at home as usual ovens and microwave ones. A magnetron inside your oven enhances your cooking options. Generally, a convection microwave is a bit costlier than a microwave with the grill element since it has a special fan ensuring heat even circulation. Every of the mentioned microwave types requires attentive and professional microwave repair.

Wall Oven Microwave Combo Repair

This type of microwave is an in-built appliance combined with your traditional oven. Besides looking great, this smart microwave saves your kitchen space and offers a lot of cooking options. In case of breakdown this convenient and contemporary microwave requires a professional appliance repair performed by skilled appliance repair experts.


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    Microwave Repair Warranty & Discounts

    We provide up to a 1-year warranty for all parts and labor. We follow the microwave repair technical process ensuring extended operability of your microwave oven. In case of operational failure after repair, our tech will visit and repair your microwave again for free, or in case the detected oven problem is unsolved, we will refund the full amount of microwave repair.
    • Half-price diagnostic. Just order diagnostic for your microwave and any other appliance and get 50% off for each.
    • No surcharge rates for nights, weekends microwave repair.
    • Free diagnostic if microwave repair at home ordered
    • The refrigerator anti-bacteria cleaning program. Along with your microwave repair, you can demand $70 off for your refrigerator ozone cleaning service. The standard price is $249, but under our program, you can get this service for $179 when having your oven repaired.

    Bay Master Appliance Service

    All microwave brands and models. From old to contemporary smart ones. Our techs are licensed, highly skilled specialists trained to repair microwave appliances. They perform necessary and detailed diagnostic, detect a problem-cause failure or part, carry out a reliable repair, and provide consultation on how to keep your oven operating longer. We cooperate only with trusted official suppliers of parts. This approach contributes to the quality of our microwave repair service and the extended operating lifetime of your microwave.

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    $25 off applies to labor only. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
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