Garbage Disposals Repair San Jose

Garbage disposal is a useful machine preventing your home from garbage stuff. This stainless-steel or plastic unit is designed to grind food waste and prevent tubes clog. But like any other home appliance, your garbage disposal needs proper handling and repair in case of breakdown. In case of an issue, it is better to contact a professional service as soon as possible and schedule a same-day appointment.

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Garbage Disposal Units in San Jose

Over 75% of houses/apartments in San Jose are equipped with garbage disposal systems. M-Appliance Group company serves the San Jose area and offers a same-day appointment for garbage disposal repair. We bet you know that in our hot San Jose climate, it is better not to collect bagged garbage in your house causing bad smells. Order our appliance repair service in the Bay area now!Our company has a long-term experience in garbage disposals services. Trained and licensed technicians will reach you the same day in San Jose, professionally fix your garbage disposals, and provide advice on how to prevent a breakdown in the future.

Garbage Disposal Plumbing Service In San Jose

To provide the best quality service for our San Jose customers, we have developed client-oriented procedures all our technicians must follow.

  • The technical process compliance to ensure the quality of our works and extend the plumber service life of your garbage disposal system.
  • In case of operational failure after the repair, our tech will check it again for free. If the issue remains unsolved, we refund the full amount.

Only quality part(s) is(are) used to replace the broken one(s) since we cooperate with trusted official suppliers of parts.

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Garbage Disposal Repair Discounts

M-Appliance Group provides high-quality and budget-friendly service for its customers. San Jose residences can order excellent garbage disposal system repair or maintenance services without budget overrun. Below are the constant discounts for our San Jose clients. Please, contact us for individual offers:

  • Detailed diagnostic service of two home machines at half-price each one. Along with the diagnostic of your disposal, we will check any of your appliances, each at 50%.
  • Garbage disposal repair service discounts for San Jose Senior and Military groups.
  • No extra charges for nights, weekends, and unsocial hours.
  • Free diagnostic if you choose to fix your disposal with us.
  • The refrigerator anti-bacteria cleaning program. Along with your disposal repair, get $70 off for your refrigerator ozone bacteria-preventing treatment. The standard price is $249. With us, you can get this service at $179.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Recommendations

Some of the most common garbage disposal problems include clogs, leaks, and noise. Your home garbage disposal unit is not a kind of complex machine, yet it requires proper handling. It is important to maintain your disposal system in workable condition to avoid costly repairs. The below procedures are easy to perform for your garbage disposal and will let you save time and money.

  • Clean it.
  • Do not feed food into it fast and in large amounts.
  • Run cold water while using your disposal systems and for 15-20 seconds after you turn it off.
  • Hard food leftovers and big bones may damage the blades and disposal system. Avoid it.
  • Do not try to pull out the garbage or any food participles with your fingers.
  • Follow the user’s manual.
  • At first signs of malfunction, call for a specialist.
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    Types of Disposal Systems We Repair in San Jose

    All major brands and models. There are modern models with some enhanced options like:
    • Reverse function. You can use it when anything clogs inside your disposal.
    • Overload protection. It stops the appliance when hard and big items (for example, forks or spoons) get inside the garbage disposal and the limit load gets increased.
    • Magnetic trap. This part is purposely designed to prevent metal items from falling inside the disposal systems and damage them.
    • Anti-bacteria disposal coating. It fights bacteria growth inside and reduces unpleasant odor.

    Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

    This type is about to become outdated, but still in use in San Jose, and even some brands offer a couple of new models of such disposals every year. We can say this type of disposals is safer for users since it has a lid and will not operate until you cover it with the lid. It accepts food waste in batches, not like a stream of food leftovers without stopping garbage disposal. Besides, it does not require a wall switch and helps to reduce electricity bills.

    Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

    It is a more common type used in San Jose houses offering various functions. Running water helps to wash down participles through a drain system. These are convenient, fast, modern, and not expensive garbage disposals with a wide range of models and versions. Nevertheless, it requires more electricity consumption and uses more water than its batch-feed counterpart.
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    $25 off applies to labor only. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
    Cannot be applied to the diagnostic fee. Limited time offer. Call us NOW.