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A dryer is a home appliance designed to dry your washed clothes. Like any complex machine, it requires regular maintenance and correct handling. At San Jose Dryer Repair, we have years of experience repairing all types of dryers.

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How To Save On Dryer Repair And Have Breakdowns Fixed

Preventive maintenance service is the best way to extend the operation life of your dryer. Master Appliance recommends carrying out it every two years to eliminate a damage risk and avoid repair stress. When working correctly, your home appliances significantly reduce your utility costs. See below what general maintenance includes and why you need this service.

Bearing Inspection

When worn, just one bearing may result in full damage to the appliance, and you will have to buy a new dryer. If you hear a whing high-tone noise within the operation cycle, it may be a faulty wheel bearing. Then we just fix one or several bearings.

Thorough Multi-point Diagnostics

We use modern high-tech tools to provide accurate and fast diagnostics. A multi-point diagnostic is an effective method to detect and correct every potential or small problem. Small issues are easy and quick to evolve into big ones, so it is better to fix them in advance.

Sanitizing And Cleaning Your Machine Inside

It is important for normal dryer running. When clean inside it lasts longer demonstrating seamless and often failure-free operation.

The Heating Element Check

It is one of the most essential nodes of your dryer. You do not want it without the properly-function heating element. So, better to fix it before it gets worse.

Ensuring Your Machine Is Level And Installed Correctly

When a machine is installed incorrectly or unlevel, it will not work for long. Its nodes would malfunction and add much to damage risk.

The Dryer Vent Cleaning

Regular checking and unclogging the dryer vent contribute to the lifespan of your appliance, increase safety and efficiency. During this procedure, the appliance shall be moved away from the wall, so we use special floor protection to avoid scratches or any other damages.

Lint, Dust, Fiber Check And Removal

These items accumulated inside are highly dangerous to your entire home. Lint may get heat up and cause a fire. Typically, it is mentioned in the instruction that a user must blow lint out. We do it professionally. If necessary, we completely dismantle your dryer to clean it inside and eliminate potential fire hazards. It also helps extend the seamless and longer operation life of your machine.

Complete Inspection Of Internal Components

Lubrication is a must for the normal function of friction/moving parts. If not lubricated they will quickly destroy the entire appliance. This part of preventive maintenance also includes hoses cleaning, inspection of the belt, heater, drum rollers and seals, blower wheel, thermostats, motor & wires insulation.

Preventive maintenance service helps fix all potential problems, avoid the repair in 80% of cases, and prevent 95% of emergencies.

Cost-effective Home Dryer Repair

Master Appliance provides a professional service at a reasonable price. Even without preventive maintenance, you still can notice the first signs of possible breakdowns. In this case, a professional appliance repair service helps avoid undesirable effects. Contact us to fix your machine if:

  • Door or lid doesn’t lock.
  • It suddenly stops in the middle of the cycle.
  • Appliance produces loud sounds.
  • Vibrates and rocks forth and back.
  • Dryer drum not turning.
  • Too long dryer cycle.
  • Not heating.
  • Overheating.
  • In case of operational failure after the repair, our technician will check it again for free. If the issue remains unsolved, we will refund the full amount.

    Not heating
    Takes forever to dry
    Makes noise
    Spinning without stopping
    Doesn't spin
    Has no power
    Shows error code

    Dryer Repair Service At Home

    A repair at home is a convenient, reliable, and fast service. You are welcome to schedule a same-day appointment. All our technicians are licensed and skilled specialists. They will explain why the problem has emerged and how to avoid it in the future. A free diagnostic is included in the repair service. To benefit as much as possible, please read our discount program.

    Our techs have the most common parts on hand to fix almost any problem that happened to your machine. We use parts only high-quality parts from trusted official suppliers. They take care of your health too. While at your home, Master Appliance repair experts wear face masks, gloves, and shoe covers.

    Order San Jose appliance repair in Bay Area.

    Dryer Repair Service Discounts

    Master Appliance provides high-quality service for its customers. That is why we have developed a discount program. You will get both excellent and budget-friendly home driver repair or maintenance. We do offer case-by-case offs, but below are our constant discounts:

  • Detailed diagnostic appliance service of two home machines at half-price each one. Along with the diagnostic of your dryer, we will check one more of your appliances for free.
  • Dryer repair discounts for Senior and Military groups.
  • No extra charges for nights, weekends, and unsocial hours.
  • Free diagnostic with repair services. We will unveil and fix all issues.
  • The refrigerator anti-bacteria cleaning program. Along with your dryer repair, get $70 off for your refrigerator ozone bacteria-preventing treatment. The standard price is $249. Under our program, you can get this service at $179 when having your appliance repaired at home.
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      Dryer Types We Repair At Home

      There are two main types of dryers: fully electricity-powered and partly gas-powered. But both types use electricity to turn the drum.

      Stackable Dryer Appliance

      It is either a part of your home laundry center or a separate stackable dryer. Usually, a dryer is installed above a washer. If it rocks forth and back, it may move an installed beneath washer from its place. Since two components (a washer and a dryer) are stacked to each other, a broken dryer may affect the washer. So, a repair service is a must.

      Electronic Control Board

      Such types of dryers use smart technologies and provide a wide range of options for users. Timed heat, moisture sensors, different settings, even apps to control a drying cycle from your phone are just a few smart options to name. Expert assistance is required to fix problems with such control boards.

      Washer Dryer Combo Home Appliance

      It is a space-saving and very convenient combo version of one appliance. A two-purpose machine requires more attention. You can’t wait too long if a malfunction is noticed. It shall be fixed immediately, so call for professional repair.

      Dryer Maintenance Recommendations For Users

      Follow these easy procedures to ensure the long service life of your dryer and save on repair service at home. Sounds simple to do, does not it:

      • Don’t overload the dryer.
      • On the other hand, don’t load just one or two items. After all, it is not cost-effective.
      • Don’t add wet clothes while the dryer is operating.
      • Clean the lint trap.
      • Check the position of your appliance: it shall be level to prevent excessive vibration. Strong vibration destroys machines.
      Follow the user’s manual and a manufacturer’s recommendation. Its engineers work hard to write instructions specifically for you.
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      $25 off applies to labor only. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
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